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Premises and Definitions
Drone Store Italia by E20 Robotica from here on for convenience will be referred to as DSI

The present conditions of sale refer to the orders placed through the website. For all cases that do not fall under these terms of sale, we refer to the Italian laws, customs and common sense.
The contract stipulated between DSI and the customer is concluded with the acceptance, even partial, of the order by DSI

To meet the conditions set out in articles 3 and 4 of the d. Lgs. 185/99 - information for the consumer; written confirmation of the information - the customer undertakes to provide for the conservation and / or printing of these general conditions of sale.
Responsibility of DSI
DSI is not responsible for damages, losses and costs incurred as a result of improper use or the inability to use the products purchased at DSI. For clarity: if a shipment is delayed for any reason, imputable or not attributable to DSI and this delay makes it impossible for the customer to carry out work or services through the use of the purchased item, this loss may NOT be in any case imputed to DSI
Furthermore, it is not liable for damages, losses or costs incurred as a result of the non-execution of the contract by DSI for reasons of force majeure, such as accidents, strikes, floods, Chinese holidays or the countries from which the articles come on the site
DSI exonerates from liability for any fraudulent and illegal use by third parties of credit cards, checks and other means of payment at the time of payment.
In fact, the payment procedure does not allow DSI to know the customer's credit card number or to check the correct and lawful origin of the security delivered by the buyer at the time of delivery of the products.
DSI can not be held responsible for the illegal use of the articles on the website. In this case the use of multirotors is subject to the current ENAC regulations, so it is absolutely necessary to consult the appropriate ENAC website.

Jurisdiction and jurisdiction
For any controversy concerning the application, execution, interpretation and violation of these sales agreements, the Italian jurisdiction is competent.
The Court of Lecce is responsible for any dispute between the parties relating to a contract of sale.


Shipping and delivery method
Shipments are made by express courier
Shipping costs are the same throughout the Italian territory and are not included in the price of the product. Shipping costs involve an additional cost that may, however, vary according to the volume, weight and value of the product.
For the so-called "remote areas" such as islands or mountain areas difficult to reach, a slight increase in the cost of shipping is possible
The invoice must be requested within three days of receipt of the goods.

In the event of loss of a shipment by the appointed carrier DSI is insured for this eventuality, but the reimbursement to the buyer or the delivery of the same item (depending on the models on sale at the time of the replacement) will follow the repayment times of the insurance. When the purchased object leaves our warehouses the responsibility for delivery (or reimbursement) is acquired by the courier in charge or, in case of loss or damage, by the insurance company.

For the delivery times of the products, apart from the momentary unavailability of the product that is reported on the page, it is not calculated the time required for the flight test (in case of drones) that is always the following Sunday for orders sent and paid by Wednesday, for orders instead sent from Thursday to Saturday the test will be made the next Sunday useful. It is understood that the times can be lengthened if the weather conditions (strong wind or magnetic interferences) are prohibitive. For shipments outside Italy, within the European Union shipping times may even take up to 3 working weeks.

Terms of payment
Payment can be made using the following methods:
Credit / Debit Card, Advance Bank Transfer, Payplug, Paypal.

For orders outside the Italian territory if you want to pay with Paypal you must first request authorization to customer service.

In case of "reservation" of any of our items, (new or used) with one or more advance payments, unless otherwise specified in the order, the maximum term for the balance and collection of goods is 15 days (fifteen) from the date of the order. The payment of further advances does NOT extend the expiry date. After this deadline we reserve the right to withhold any advances paid as compensation for any lost sales in the case of a single copy on deposit.


Guarantees and methods of assistance
The warranty is generally provided by the manufacturer of the products sold; if DSI intervention is necessary, it will cooperate in the phases of the return and management of the return under warranty by filling in the customer's request form with a specific request form returned in order to obtain authorization for the return of the product.

DSI is responsible for the technical assistance of Swell Pro (Splash Drone) products on the Italian territory but it is possible that, in case of uncertainty about the causes of the malfunction, it is necessary to send the product back to the manufacturer. A BUYER'S EXPENSES

The product to be returned must be sent in the original packaging, complete with all its parts, including those that do not work.
The shipping costs of the defective goods are the responsibility of the buyer, while DSI will cover the cost of sending the goods repaired or replaced.

The times required for technical assistance interventions can not be quantified upon receipt of the item to be checked and must be repaired or replaced. Sending at our headquarters Splash Drone, Accessories, Cameras or any other device purchased on our website we accept regardless of our time for troubleshooting. These times depend, sometimes, on factors that are independent of our will

In the event that the returned goods are fully functional or if the defect or malfunction does not depend on a manufacturing defect, DSI will send it back at the customer's expense (assigned port). The methods of application and the reference standard of the guarantee are those indicated by the manufacturer on the website of the same

The warranty is not valid if the product is tampered with by unauthorized personnel, or if the failures are due to negligence, misuse by the customer, malice, collisions, falls, transport, humidity and other causes not due to manufacturing defects or production.

In the case of activation of the TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE TICKETS, whether they are for drones on a sales account or for those sent to us for repair, the intervention and return times are not quantifiable as they depend on the existing workload. The current minimum waiting time is NOT LESS THAN 90 DAYS from the date the drone is received. Such times are in any case subject to delays not attributable to DSI such as: lack of spare parts in the warehouse, unforeseeable causes of force majeure, difficulty in intervening and quantification of damage, etc. etc.

In the case of used items there is no warranty unless previously agreed with SwellPro Italia/Drone Store Italia

Because the warranty is valid on Swell Pro products you must register your Splash Drone HERE: https://www.swellpro.com/Register.html

Before sending any Swell Pro product to our Italian office, you must first complete the appropriate form that you can find here:



Drone Store Italia by E20 Robotics listed below as DSI

Pursuant to Legislative Decree 185/99, non-consumers are excluded from exercising the right of withdrawal, that is to say those who act for purposes that refer to their professional activity. The customer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 10 working days, starting from the day of receipt of the goods. The right of withdrawal is exercised by sending a written notice to Drone Store Italy by E20 Robotica within the aforementioned term of 10 days, by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
The communication can also be sent via PEC to: eventifoto@pec.it - ​​on condition that it is then confirmed within the next 48 hours by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt.
In case of exercise of the right of withdrawal, the customer is required to return all the items related to the order, complete with all their parts, new and unused, in the original packaging. Pursuant to Article 5, III com. of Legislative Decree 185/99, in the case of sealed computer software, the opening of the same excludes the possibility of exercising the right of withdrawal.

Within 30 days of receipt of goods, DSI will refund the amounts paid by the customer, excluding shipping costs, as follows: bank transfer or other way agreed with the customer

The kind clientele is invited to exercise the right of withdrawal only if the conditions allow it; therefore, in the event that the right of withdrawal is not applicable, the withdrawal of the goods at DSI is the responsibility of the customer.

In case of damage to the return during transport, DSI will inform the customer within 5 working days to put him in a position to lodge a complaint against the shipper and obtain a refund of the value of the asset, if insured; in this case, the product will be made available to the customer for his return and at the same time his request for withdrawal will be canceled.
DSI, moreover, is not liable for damages, theft and loss of products returned by uninsured shipments.

In the event that the buyer wishes to exercise the right of withdrawal before receiving the goods purchased, the times for reimbursement can be as high as 30 days regardless of what form of payment was chosen.

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