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Splash Drone SAR 3-RTF



SPLASH DRONE 3 RTF ( used but practically NEW )

The new Splash Drone used all over the world for RESEARCH and RESCUE (SAR) is successfully used also for fishing., The creation of professional videos (camera not included)

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The Splash Drone V3  is the most advanced Splash Drone ever made. It is the first fully integrated waterproof modular platform. Thanks to its new flight controller, it is more reliable than ever. The new propulsion system with the new 620kv customized engines offers a perfect balance between power and efficiency. With a new quick release module system, you can now enjoy maximum versatility. The Splash Drone V3 car allows you to operate in all weather conditions, in harsh environments - whether it's land or sea. With its advanced modular design, the Splash Drone V3 can quickly adapt to all types of missions, from aerial photography, to search and rescue on water, or to ocean survey jobs, fishing and many other applications.
The shell is made of 3mm reinforced ABS to guarantee a perfect water seal. The advanced design makes it submersible for long periods of time. All external parts are made of high quality stainless steel and the motors are specially coated to ensure maximum salt water corrosion resistance.

Tailor-made tear-off lid with pressure equalization vent for greater barometer accuracy
CAUTION!!!! It is not designed to be used as a submarine.
The new S3 flight regulator has been optimized to provide a safe and reliable flight. Its updated software and reprogramming constantly monitors system errors and offers backup to maintain flight security and stability. Dual mode GPS uses up to 24 satellites and Glonass for greater accuracy. Its better shielding allows greater precision than before, in all environments.
We have developed new high-efficiency salt water proof 620kv engines, which offer optimum performance in all situations, at sea, on land and in rain.

- High power and efficient 620kv
- Custom coated, resistant to salt water
- The new clamping mechanism allows a safe and fast fixing of the propellers.
The new and redesigned 1242 self-locking carbon propellers offer the Splash Drone V3 greater stability and reliability.
All in one radio

As more power and versatility require more control, we've developed a fully integrated remote control with redesigned controls to maximize ease of use and efficiency, and a high quality 5 "FPV integrated screen, so you can view data in direct video and OSD without any additional equipment.

- Elegant and ergonomic design - Built in 5-inch LCD monitor - 40 channel diversity receiver

The new remote control features an elegant and ergonomic design, like a gamepad that fits perfectly into your hands. ... It is simplified compared to its predecessors by removing unnecessary buttons and switches. The controller provides an agile and precise control of the Splash drone. It also provides a direct and complete control of the camera.
A 5 '' FPV LCD monitor is integrated into the controller eliminating the need for a second screen or a mobile phone. The monitor displays live video from camera flight data and OSD (On Screen Display), such as distance, altitude and battery voltage. The analog transmitter is practically zero. Selection from a wide range of 40 channels eliminates the effects of noise. This allows you to always know what the status of the plane is and when is the best time to shoot and avoid obstacles over time.
The video transmission range reaches 1 km only when it is not free and without interference

Smart Ground Station ( not included )
By connecting a cell phone to the ground station, the Splash Drone 3 auto control changes from joystick, to some screen touches on the Swellpro APP. This allows for different intelligent flight modes, which drastically reduce the pilot's manual entry, making the Splash easy to drive.
• Follow me
Holding the mobile with the Swellpro Bluetooth connection module, the Drone Splash will follow you constantly, rotating the camera and recording every bit of its current activity.
• Mission planning
Mission planning indicates that the sputtering buzz flies automatically along a specified route through several waypoints you have preselected using the APP.
• Tap to fly
Touch one position at a time on the map and the Splash Drone will navigate to the destination and go on hold, awaiting further commands from the pilot.
• Safe to fly
Drones can sometimes lose control because they could fly out of range or if there is radio interference. Therefore, we have taken some good precautionary measures in the control of the Splash, to avoid unwanted things like crashes. • Return Home The Return Home function invokes Splash Drone to the starting point if, or when the signal is lost • Auto-Landing When the battery almost runs out, the drone returns to the take-off point • Insufficient battery If the battery voltage decreases, the radio warns you, vibrating in your hands. DroneWaterproof Level IP67Drone Weight 2380g (AUTO VERSION) Axis Diameter 450mmMax Ascend Speed ​​4m / sMax Descend Speed ​​3m / sMax Flight Speed ​​16m / sMax Flight Altitude 4000mMax Flight Wind Speed ​​12m / sHovering Precision +/- 0.02mMax Flight Time 16 min.Max Flight Weight 3 kgPositioning Satellite GPS / GLONSS DualFlight Control Swell Pro S3 Motor Waterproof Brushless Motor # 3510 / 620KVESC 40AIP67
1 X Splash Drone RTF
1X Radio with integrated monitor
1X 5200 mAh Battery
4X Fast release propellers
1X Suitcase